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M-iQ Rack Transport Dishwasher for School Catering

City of London School relies on MEIKO dishwashing technology and praises excellent service

Situated in the ‘Square Mile’, the City of London School caters for about 900 boys aged 10 to 18 and occupies a surprisingly large site, with a courtyard and upper playground providing light, fresh air and plenty room for boys to practise sports, to run and to play.


There are around 100 teaching staff and another 100 in supporting roles. Lunchtime sees around 750 meals served, but the kitchen also caters for hospitality and external functions.


During the last summer break, the wash up area was redesigned to provide additional space for a new sorting station and a larger capacity dishwasher to cope with increased numbers.


“MEIKO were one of three suppliers we called in to tender,” explains Graham Jefferys, Senior Building Surveyor for the City of London school.

“We knew the MEIKO name for good reasons. We were very keen to see running cost reductions and an improvement in quality, but the key issue from our point of view was aftercare; if it all goes wrong, what happens? Both I and the school staff came to the same conclusion and we chose MEIKO mainly because of the aftercare they are able to provide.”

Installed at the school is an M-iQ rack transport dishwasher. There is no need for overhead extraction because the M-iQ recycles energy from inside and around the dishwasher thanks to its in-built heat pump, (this also helps save cost on installation). The extended handling area for soiled ware is on the right, extending into the dining hall.


A separate FV 40.2G-GiO glasswasher was also installed; chiefly to handle the more limited volume of glassware from functions and events.


Catering Manager Rebecca Senior of Holroyd Howe who manages the school’s catering contract comments: “MEIKO has delivered everything they said they would do. It has been brilliant; great installation, engineers and training! MEIKO’s Business Development Manager Mark Sharland provided full training for the staff. He has been excellent throughout; what he says, he does. Queries get an instant response. That said, the price of the new system was also right, without a doubt. The cleaning of the machine is much improved and quicker. It is much easier because all the parts that need cleaning are clearly indicated in blue. We are also saving substantially on chemicals. We used to use 2 x 20 litre containers per week, now it is down to 1 x 20 litre per week. The whole process was excellent, MEIKO handled it all, from the initial quote to installation, training, the spot check after it had been running for a week... They are on the end of the phone if I need them; I could not say better!”


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