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MEIKO convinces where space is limited at the DKFZ

The UPster rack type dishwashing machine - high output despite limited space conditions

Cancer is widely seen as being a scourge of humanity – in Germany alone, more than 220,000 people die of the disease every year. For over 50 years, the international scientific elite have gathered at the Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum (DKFZ) in Heidelberg to understand the factors that influence cancer – and how people can be cured of it. Almost 3,000 people work at the centre, 1,200 of whom are scientists and 400 of whom are postgraduate students. They're people who often feel that their work is more important than their food. Despite this, they still stop for lunch. 250 of them head for the "small casino" at the DKFZ each day – while 450 employees eat at the "big casino". In the café bar above the small casino, things get underway every morning at 8 am and the staff here strive for 250 days a year to provide catering for symposiums, conferences and meetings; the manager of the casino Martin Hauschild is responsible for ensuring that everything tastes good and the food is enjoyable.

Since the smaller gastronomic operation was practically bursting from its seams, four years ago Martin Hauschild started to look for an alternative to the double hood type dishwashing machine in the scullery room :"We wanted a flight type dishwashing machine which allows for a high output to be achieved despite our limited space conditions. We found this in the UPster from Meiko. As far as I know this is the only machine in the compact class which brings the results we expect from a flight type dishwashing machine." The casino director not only values the ability of the Offenburg-based engineers to make its high performance technology into compact products however, he also values the products' performance: "We achieve results that are clearly better because there aren't any water marks on the crockery any more". Hauschild manages the operations in the small casino at the DKFZ with a relatively small team team of just two part time and two full time employees. It's no surprise that he doesn't want to send anyone from the team away to polish cutlery or dry crockery: "The team is needed to keep our guests satisfied!"


And the rapid installation of the UPster also contributed to ensuring that everyone was able to dedicate themselves to this important task: "The old machine was removed at the end of the working day and the UPster was already up and running the next day," recalls Hauschild, who also gives MEIKO the best marks for service.


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