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Royal United Hospital, Bath

New industrial rack transport dishwasher saves costs at Royal United Hospital

Head of Hotel Services Mike Newport has a long experience of hospital dishwashing.
The original machine at the Royal United’s Lansdown Restaurant lasted 30 years, but its replacement from another manufacturer, after only seven years, was proving unreliable and difficult to maintain.
Working with the hospital’s maintenance department and despite being on ‘first name’ terms with the other manufacturer’s staff, the hospital team decided to “move away from what we had always had.”
Explains Newport, “The key issue was always about reliability. Therefore, we looked at what was available and ran a mini tender, comparing the suppliers on the Seg list.

“MEIKO won on price, but a key consideration in the selection process was after-sales service support and maintenance. How the machine would be looked after in the future was an important part of our decision to give the business to MEIKO. Overall, we are very satisfied.”

A K200Pi rack transport dishwasher proved the ideal choice to handle a mixed load of ware from the restaurant.

There was also no need for an additional expensive overhead exhaust canopy with associated ducting, as a heat pump module was incorporated as an integral part of the machine. The heat pump recycles the waste air from the washing, rinsing and drying process and uses that air to assist in keeping the environment within the refurbished wash-up area at a pleasant working temperature of around +/- 18°C, thanks to the introduction of the cooled air back into the working space.

Complementing the workflow around the dishwasher is large dump and scrapping table, connected to an automatic feeding table that drags the fully loaded washing baskets into the machine without the need of manual input. A manual glide outlet roller table enables baskets to be accumulated prior to the clean dishes and utensils being returned to the servery area.

The design prepared by MEIKO ensures there is more than adequate space to sort soiled ware coming into the dishwash and to store it, following washing.


Open from 7:30am - 2:30pm and then 5.00pm - 8.00pm, the restaurant offers a full breakfast and lunch service for the 565-bed hospital, with drinks and snacks in the evening period. Some 500 covers are served daily, Monday-Friday.

There are 12 full and part time staff operating the restaurant and Mike Newport asked their opinion of the new dishwasher. They commented:

  • “It’s in a different world compared to our last machine.”
  • “Better design for baskets going in and coming out of the machine with use of rollers.”
  • “Easy to operate, much better cleaning results.”
  • “Quieter, easy to clean inside.”
  • “Quick response from service engineer on the couple of occasions required.”
  • “Reliable; very, very reliable compared to our previous machine, even when it was new!”

'Gold' Eat Out Eat Well Award for RUH

Bath & North East Somerset Council has given the food served in the restaurant at the Royal United Hospital a Gold award. The RUH is one of the first to achieve Gold standard for ‘Eat Out Eat Well’, a national initiative developed to reward caterers across the country who make it easier for their customers to make healthy choices when eating out.

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