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We serve you with reliable warewashing technology in catering

The lowest consumption, high flexibility and intelligent waste treatment with MEIKO

When everything comes all at once, time is short and the result needs to be top class, then MEIKO technology tackles the challenges in catering. Cups, plates, glasses, pans, baskets – no time for sorting, everything has to be clean again quickly. More than that: it has to satisfy the highest hygiene requirements. Extra soft stretches and spray arches do not stop, even for the worst incrustations. Waste treatment concepts make life easier. In addition, the warewashing technology from MEIKO is very easy to operate thanks to the blue control concept – which is particularly good when taking a multicultural approach in the washing area.

Overview of references

Rental’s Unlimited

"The results we have seen after installing the M-iQ are almost impossible to believe. When I tell people the difference, I have seen they are a bit sceptical. When I think about what I am telling them I can understand their scepticism. "

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Allens catering equipment & furniture hire

“Wash quality is absolutely critical to us,” says Director Kevin McGuinness. “Our glassware must be sparkling. Previously we used a separate reverse osmosis water treatment system supplied by MEIKO but now the RO is built in and I have to say the results are superb."

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Kreative GV, Hamburg

Fresh, healthy and effective

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Ocean Event Center

MEIKO's M-iQ flight type dishwasher delivers high quality results while cutting costs and saving the Ocean Event Center 50% on energy and water as well.

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One Event Management

One Event Management is completely satisfied with the MEIKO dishwashing equipment installed in the central production unit as well as on their river cruiser.

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