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MEIKO warewashing technology: an important element in your catering

Extremely durable machines guarantee you stable processes and high reliability

Catering, which cares about more than just the equipment and organisation, represents a particular challenge. Preparing dishes to the minute, dressing them perfectly and thus using the dishes as the stage for great moments: that's process management which you have to master. Warewashing technology is an important element in this process chain. MEIKO ensures that it functions reliably – 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year: thanks to high reliability with extremely durable products. The lowest consumption and scalable waste treatment products also go without saying.

Overview of references

Kreative GV, Hamburg

Fresh, healthy and effective

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Ocean Event Center

"I wish I had made the decision to move ahead to the MEIKO flight type dishwasher four or five years earlier! I didn’t think the transformation to the new dishwasher will bring such a big change in labor and such significant savings in operating costs."

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One Event Management

Several quotes were obtained for the new dishwash system and Meiko’s was not the cheapest.

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