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Ulmer Bakeries trust MEIKO Dishwashing Technology

Perfectly clean dishes automatically washed and dried without manual polishing

The Ulmer Bakery in Friedrichshafen, Germany (Bäckerei Ulmer GmbH) is renowned for its wide variety of bread and baked goods based on recipes inspired by anecdotes and folk tales. The "Jakobus-Laible“ (St. James Loaf) was inspired by the pilgrimage embarked on by Head Chef Karl-Rudolf Ulmer, while the "Kraftprotz" (Powerhouse) loaf was created to mark the company's 100th anniversary. Other names you can really get your teeth around include "Hafenkruste", "Rohrbächler", and "Alt Buchhorner-Klosterbrot" – all tasty treats that keep the customers coming back for more!

The original modestly-sized Ulmer Bakery long ago evolved into a bread production facility that now supplies 36 retail outlets on Lake Constance. Each day it produces up to 25,000 rolls, buns and pretzels, plus a wide range of loaves, cakes and pastries. As well as supplying its own stores, it also serves markets, company restaurants, campsites and hospitals as well as providing the ARAN group of speciality stores with a sourdough loaf baked according to a special recipe. A total of 220 employees keep everything running smoothly in the production, sales and admin departments.
But when it comes to hygiene, the company puts its trust in MEIKO. The very latest dishwashing appliances ensure perfect cleanliness and hygiene in both the production and restaurant areas. The 11 bakery-cum-cafés produce plenty of dirty glasses, cutlery and crockery, all of which is automatically washed and dried without the need for any manual polishing thanks to MEIKO's reverse osmosis technology. That saves time and money and gives staff the freedom to focus on other tasks.

Choice of equipment: The Ulmer bakery outlets have put their trust in premium MEIKO technology – the FV 40.2 G model with a built-in GiO MODULE.


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Bäckerei Ulmer GmbH
Bäckerei - Konditorei
Am Rohrbach 12
88045 Friedrichshafen

Phone: +49 (0)7541 50260