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Improving indoor air quality in Paderborn

Top-class hygiene and a more economical dishwashing process

Werner Sowa has worked for many years as the head of catering at the Brüderkrankenhaus St. Josef hospital in Paderborn. The Group responsible for the hospital recently approved a series of improvement projects, the first of which was to modernise the wash-up area in the hospital's kitchens. Each day Sowa's team produces 700 meals plus 120 packed meals, so there is plenty of washing up to do.

"We want top-class hygiene and a more economical dishwashing process, plus optimum indoor air quality with tangible improvements for our staff," says Sowa. That's why the kitchen manager also looked into the effects of dishwashing machines on kitchen ventilation. "Our market analysis showed us that the figures for exhaust air and the effects on room temperature caused by dishwashing machines vary enormously from one supplier to the next." By selecting a M-iQ flight type dishwashing machine it became clear that the hospital could save thousands of euros on ventilation technology while significantly reducing energy use and improving indoor air quality.

The hospital chose a M-iQ flight type dishwasher from MEIKO, including the 'M-iQ AirConcept' module which enhances ventilation and air quality. With the new dishwasher, the quantity of exhaust air has dropped from 1,800 m³ an hour to just 170 m³. And the temperature of the air emitted by the machine is now just 22°C instead of 35°C.

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