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Perfect washing results for hotels & restaurants

Sustainability, efficiency & hygiene for hotels & restaurants – maximum functionality in the smallest space

Washing dishes in hotels and restaurants is more than just a question of clean plates and glasses: HOW dishes are washed also answers the questions of sustainability and hygiene.  Topics which interest your guests. MEIKO technology provides answers and solutions: save resources such as water, energy and chemicals. Don't lose track of human resources with us as well – you can influence the work atmosphere in the full sense of the word. And when space is at a premium: an intelligent solution with maximum functionality always finds its place in just a few square metres.


In a five-star hotel in Singapore, food waste becomes garden soil – because sustainability is one of the biggest themes in the hospitality industry. MEIKO technology is sustainable – to the pleasure of your guests!

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Restaurants & MEIKO: one is unthinkable without the other – at least when it comes to warewashing. Quick, efficient, excellent design: this is warewashing technology at its best!

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