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MEIKO Dishwashing Machines at Carluccio's in the UK

Great warewashing results no matter what quality the water has

Founded by Antonio Carluccio, the chain of Italian restaurants with integrated food shops known as Carluccio's now includes more than 65 UK locations as well as one franchised location in Dublin, Ireland and three franchised locations in Dubai.

The aim is to provide great quality, authentic Italian food at sensible prices, in an informal atmosphere with excellent service.

When the search for new dishwasher suppliers got underway, Vincenzo Rinaldi – head of maintenance for Carluccio’s nationally – was clear about one key point: “One thing that was letting us down was the service provided by our dishwasher suppliers.”

“MEIKO’s results were definitely one of the best – but what we wanted to check was the service that came with the machine. We chose to use MEIKO exclusively because, with MEIKO, you don’t get bad service … when I place a call I am very confident the machine will be running the next day (actually, that is quite brilliant).”

“We have now changed our specification to include the new GiO machines – the DV 80.2 hood-type and FV 40.2 GiO undercounter machine. We are a national chain but no matter where we operate and what quality the water, we have great warewashing results – and I certainly couldn’t say that about MEIKO’s competitors!”

“Now, with the new GiO machines, MEIKO has become the first manufacturer to put two essential things together. There is a definite improvement on the wash quality between GiO and non-GiO machines, plus there is a saving on maintenance … We have tested them in our high volume sites – Brighton, St Pancras, Reigate and Brunswick (London) – and so far our managers love them, but more importantly, the KP’s also love them.”

A successful solution: Carluccio’s is satisfied with MEIKO’s DV 80.2 hood type and FV 40.2 GiO undercounter machines.

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