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M-iClean Glasswasher for Scherrer's Gourmet Restaurant

The perfect glasswasher - even for sparkling results on delicate and expensive glassware

At the Landhaus Scherrer gourmet restaurant we're committed to running a sustainable business.

The new M-iClean undercounter dishwasher is a great tool to help us achieve that goal. It minimises energy and resource consumption and offers a built-in heat recovery system which we consider to be a major step forwards. We wash hundreds of glasses a day with this quiet and innovative machine – from water and Burgunder glasses to champagne flutes – and we're very pleased with the results, even for delicate and expensive glassware.

Once you get used to the touch display then you realise just how user-friendly it is. The combined wash and rinse arm also does a great job, and we like the fact that you can easily pop the filter screen out to clean the machine. And as well as boasting advanced technology, the M-iClean undercounter dishwasher also fits beautifully into its surroundings. The only thing we modified was the operating height, and now our M-iClean forms an eye-catching addition to our kitchen parties and events!

We already owned two MEIKO machines, so we wanted our glasswasher to come from the same company, too. It's important to us that we can get the same level of customer service that we're used to. High-tech features are great, but you need good service, too.