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Sparkling Clean Glasses in Hamburg

Outstanding cleaning results and improved working conditions with the M-iClean undercounter dishwasher

Building on the success of his restaurants Marblau and Mess in Hamburg, restaurateur and wine dealer Tobias Strauch recently opened two new ventures: "Strauchs Falco" and "Hamburg im Süden", the first café-cum-tapas-cum-wine bar in the Hanseatic City to specialise in ceviche. As well as enjoying top-class cuisine, diners at Strauchs Falco can also admire its superb interior design and choose from an exciting range of fish specialities, including dishes that are currently in vogue in big cities worldwide, such as the raw, marinated, thinly-sliced fish known as ceviche.

Both establishments opened their doors in May 2014 and were styled by renowned interior designer Peter Schmidt – and the restaurateur, caterer and wine dealer Tobias Strauch decided to equip both of them with a M-iClean undercounter dishwasher. "Diners in our segment of the restaurant industry expect sparklingly clean glasses. So the M-iClean was the perfect choice, offering outstanding cleaning results thanks to the GiO module, superb energy efficiency and an improved working environment that eliminates steam and odours."

"Strauchs Falco" + "Hamburg im Süden", Hamburg

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