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Berlin Marriott Hotel

M-iClean provides superb results and meets the most demanding glass washing requirements

We wash hundreds of glasses from the restaurant area in the M-iClean every day. As well as providing superb cleaning results, this high-tech dishwasher is also capable of meeting the most demanding requirements. With its intuitive touch display and program progress indicator, the M-iClean eliminates potential sources of error by clearly displaying each and every stage of the wash cycle. The striking LED indicator handle which lights up in blue, green or red enables users to see exactly what stage the machine has reached, even from a distance. As Chief Engineer I can see how useful that is, because it gives the team a visual indication of what the machine is doing without interrupting their work.


The M-iClean has some very clever features such as the integrated wash system with combined wash and rinse arm and the stainless steel detergent and rinse aid pipes. Those parts used to be susceptible to corrosion, but not anymore! Meiko has used durable materials in the M-iClean to significantly reduce the need for repairs. And it also excels in terms of cleaning performance. From wine and water glasses to beer and cocktail glasses, everything comes out exactly as it should – hygienic and sparklingly clean.


We only use the Meiko brand in our company. We have a M-iQ, various pot and pan washers and many of the M-iClean's predecessors, too. If and when those glasswashers finally reach the end of their service life, we will be replacing them exclusively with the innovative new M-iClean machine.




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