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‘No Bills’ for One Warwick Park

A major hotel opening for Tunbridge Wells!

Three FV40.2G-GiO undercounter glasswashers were installed in the bar areas. “It was an added bonus that we did not need water softeners because the machines feature integral reverse osmosis water treatment,” says Baxter. “There was also a saving on labour because the staff should not need to hand polish glassware plus the savings on chemicals and energy to consider.”


A K200 rack transport dishwasher was installed in the basement area, which is serviced by a lift. “A rack machine was the only way to cope with 130 covers and because the area is tight for space, we needed to ensure a rapid turnaround on the soiled ware.


“This area is down three flights of stairs,” continues Baxter, “and we were able to dismantle the K200 – it splits into two parts – and manhandle it down the stairs. Nothing else would have been even remotely suitable!”


FV40.2 G-GiO machines feature integral reverse osmosis, which provides sparking clean, spot free ‘hand polished’ results straight out of the dishwasher.


Integral RO also helps the caterer to be ‘greener’ because it cuts the consumption of detergent and rinse aid by providing cleaner water, removing calcium in particular and effectively making the water ‘soft’. In addition, it saves energy and improves reliability by preventing limescale build-up inside the dishwashing machine.


Featuring 39 rooms and suites, multiple entertainment and dining areas including a Terrace and L’Amore Restaurant, the new hotel was formed out of an imaginative combination of the town’s old Brew House Hotel, the Old School House, some adjacent buildings and with some new construction to bring the site together.


Baxter explained that the clincher on the dishwashing deal for the hotel was MEIKO’s extended warranty “No Bills” offer, guaranteeing no extra costs for three years and including planned maintenance and rapid response to breakdowns.


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