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Everything from a single source at the Heidehaus Retirement Home

Bedpan washer-disinfectors and warewashing technology from MEIKO

Located just on the outskirts of Hanover, the Heidehaus has undergone many changes over the years. Originally a sanatorium for people suffering from chronic pulmonary disease, it later became a specialist lung hospital funded by the local authorities before taking on its current incarnation as a retirement home. Built in 1907, it was designed with hygiene standards very much in mind. The Heidehaus reflects the pavilion style of architecture, in part because its creators felt that separating the complex into different buildings would help prevent the spread of diseases and therefore be beneficial in terms of hygiene.

Nowadays, much of its charm lies in the spacious grounds and the historical buildings that populate them. Before the Heidehaus found a new owner in the form of the Hahne family from Hanover – a household name in the region for over 30 years – the sheer size of the property was regarded as one of its most challenging features. The extended family runs a corporate group that encompasses the “Haus der Ruhe” nursing home, the Pflegefachschule Hanover nursing school, and the Ergophysica physical therapy clinic, as well as the companies CareCloud, which makes software for keeping care records, and the Lexcura nursing care auditing firm. It acquired the Heidehaus in 2008, and seven of its 19 buildings, some of which are listed, have already been renovated.

Today, the Heidehaus boasts an impressive new look. The good taste of the Heidehaus’s executive director, who was responsible for organising all the renovations, is clearly evident from the skilful layout and lighting, warm colours, exquisite decoration, and high-quality fittings and furnishings. But its not just the décor that led the German Health Insurance Medical Service (MDK) to give the retirement home a top-notch care rating for the third time.

The ranking was also boosted by the high-tech equipment in the utility rooms and kitchenettes, all of which was purchased from partners that guarantee outstanding hygiene and efficient workflows. The Heidehaus exclusively uses MEIKO washer-disinfectors to clean its patient care utensils. And its kitchenettes are equipped with MEIKO warewashing systems, which ensure hygienic, sparkling wash results without requiring any hand polishing. This is a great example of how companies can benefit by purchasing two different types of product from a single source – in this case warewashing technology and cleaning and disinfection technology all from the same supplier. The advantages include a single point of contact, efficient communication, and fast-track support.


Equipment purchased: the utility rooms are fitted with TOPIC washer-disinfectors and the kitchenettes are equipped with two different models of glass and dish washer: FV 40.2 G with built-in GiO reverse osmosis module, and the FV 40.2 GiO.


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