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A reliable companion in the BA room: TopClean M from MEIKO

The new form of mechanical treatment creates more reliability, stable processes & improved work safety

Manual treatment of respiratory protection technology for fire brigades or even for industry is a thing of the past! And, thanks to MEIKO, mechanical treatment has an entirely new quality: quick, reliable, simple and efficient! Ultimately, people who regularly put their lives at risk for others have a right to safely treat equipment which does not place additional strain on their comrades in the BA room. Whether it's masks, regulators, breathing apparatus or the storage box: TopClean M is a reliable co-worker for the safe and reliable preparation of personal protective equipment – in compliance with all health and safety related parameters. The new "must-have" in the BA room!

Overview of references


MEIKO brings new process and new technology: 1 million less of capital commitment

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Oberkirch Fire Department

The TopClean M is a self-contained system, making it a particularly good choice for this environment, as Wehrle explains: "We're no longer exposed to chemical fumes."

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Kehl Fire Department

It’s no wonder that Karlheinz Fimeyer enthuses about a quantum leap in mask cleaning: "Instead of having to constantly leave the machine running while I find something else to do, I can now get everything done in one go!"

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Lahr Fire Department

"It used to take us around five hours to clean between 30 and 40 masks including 30 minutes for disinfection and four hours of drying time. But now the TopClean M completes that same task in less than half the time," says Ralf Wieseke.

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Idar-Oberstein Volunteer Fire Service

"The machine is exceptionally easy to use and actually produces better results than manual cleaning," enthuses Klaus Schneider.

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Bobingen Volunteer Fire Department

"Using the TopClean M has allowed us to reduce our stock of masks by between 10 and 15 percent because they’re back on the rack and ready for use so quickly!"

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Bruchsal Volunteer Fire Department

When it comes to cleaning the masks for their colleagues in Bruchsal, the BA cleaning team led by Thomas Zöller uses a TopClean M cleaning and disinfection appliance from MEIKO.

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Stuttgart Airport Fire Service

The rapid and reliable cleaning cycles of the MEIKO TopClean M washer-disinfector make it an invaluable member of the BA cleaning and maintenance team.

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German army favours automatic cleaning of BA masks

It used to take around nine hours to clean 25 masks, but with the MEIKO cleaning and disinfection appliance this task can now be completed in three hours and 20 minutes.

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Pfinztal Fire Department

“It used to take us about two hours to get 12 masks properly and hygienically clean,” the young firefighter recalls. "Now we get four masks done in just six to ten minutes!"

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Fire Service Hilpoltstein

"I immediately knew it was the solution I'd been looking for"

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FTZ Potsdam-Mittelmark

FTZ ensures health and safety with washer-disinfector by MEIKO

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