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German army favours automatic cleaning of BA masks

Machine cleaning significantly reduces the time required to clean BA masks

The German Armed Forces run a key service centre at their barracks in Stetten am kalten Markt in south-west Germany. As well as housing the army's explosive ordnance disposal centre, the military barracks also contain the Bundeswehr's central training facility for fire control and prevention. A recent reorganisation of the site saw the number of masks doubled from 200 to 400 in one stroke: "That put us in a tricky situation – we had to find a quick solution which would enable us to clean the masks more efficiently," says Grum.

The documentation compiled by the fire chief and head of the BA cleaning and maintenance facility revealed that machine cleaning leads to significant time savings if you are cleaning around 60 masks a week. It used to take around nine hours to clean 25 masks, but with the MEIKO cleaning and disinfection appliance this task can now be completed in three hours and 20 minutes.

The MEIKO machine has been up and running in the BA cleaning room at the training facility for CBRN defence and security assignments since January 2014. It has already completed 1,900 hours of active service.

The German army barracks in Stetten am kalten Markt


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