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The travel industry & warewashing technology: MEIKO is successful on board

Where processes have to run quickly and economic aspects count: we know the way!

Travel and mobility are today connected to more than just the time factor. Regardless of whether its by water, air or land: the processes which first allowed for modern travel and mobility are polished right down to the details. Including from a returns point of view. Where travel is combined with a gastronomic concept, warewashing technology therefore plays a significant role in process reliability and economy for the service provider. MEIKO technology is tailored to precisely these requirements. With our warewashing technology, we adapt to our customers' processes. We are quick. We are efficient. And we are almost invisible and find space for our machines even in the tightest spaces.


On the seas of the world, this applies: less is more! Less water, fewer chemicals and less energy consumption while still offering outstanding levels of hygiene. This is all guaranteed with warewashing technology from MEIKO!

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First comes the breakdown of costs, then the perfect technology: MEIKO offers solutions at the highest level when it comes to warewashing technology in in-flight catering!

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