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    M-iQ rack type dishwashing machine

    The latest high-tech innovation from MEIKO emphasises the company's determination to develop sustainable cleaning technologies that foster a clean environment. The M-iQ generation are reshaping the future of dishwashing!

    The rack dishwasher from the M-iQ range shows you what a professional dishwasher is capable of today: saving energy, sparing resources, and nevertheless surprising with its ease of use and ergonomic design – and above all else, convincing users! The M-iQ energy concept provides an optimum energy balance, and not only saves costs but brings a good climate into the utility room. The M-iQ GreenEye technology® ensures that the detergent and rinse aid are only added in the required amounts, and that at least 10% less tap water is used. The M-iQ AirConcept is responsible for the fact that this rack conveyor dishwasher can also completely omit an exhaust air connection, and the M-iQ filter ensures the highest levels of process efficiency.

    Punkt2 AirConcept M-iQ
    Heat recovery to enhance air qualitiy and energy efficiency

    Heat recovery to enhance air qualitiy and energy efficiency

    Energy management M-iQ
    Efficiently maintain the heat energy in the dishwashing process

    Efficiently maintain the heat energy in the washing process

    M-iQ GreenEye-Technology®
    M-iQ GreenEye technology – the future of dishwashing

    M-iQ GreenEye technology® – the future of dishwashing

    Filter system M-iQ
    Revolutionary filter system for band type dishwashing systems

    Each wash tank is provided with a M-iQ filter.

    Basket dimensions500 x 500 mm
    Passing width570 mm
    Passing height465 mm
    Rack capacity with 2 min. contact time as required by DIN 1051095 – 225 racks/h
    Transport speed with 2 min. contact time as required by DIN 105100.78 – 1.88 m/min
    Final rinse water volume165 – 180 l/h
    Electrical connection
    Total connected load, incl. drying zone(s)33.0 – 41.0 kW
    Power consumption, incl. dryin zone(s)25.0 – 28.7 kW
    Exhaust air volume flow110 – 170 m³/h
    Machine length1,550 – 4,250 mm

    Product lines and configurations may vary from one country to the next due to statutory requirements or other reasons. Please check with your local trade partner. They will be happy to find a machine that meets your specific requirements.
    Date: 03.2017. Technical modifications reserved.