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MEIKO warewashing machines in the world’s highest-altitude restaurant

The “Atmosphere“ restaurant offers its guests a 180-degree panorama of the Dubai skyline. A diner seated directly next to one of the floor-to-ceiling windows has the feeling of floating high up in mid-air. The interior of the “Atmosphere”, says its designer Adam Tihany, should give its guests a sense of being on board a luxury yacht “but in the air”. He admits, however, that it was a very challenging task to design a restaurant situated at this altitude. “Worries were expressed about whether diners would really feel comfortable at such a height or whether they would constantly have butterflies in their stomach,” says Tihany. “What I tried to do was to create a pleasant, almost grotto-like atmosphere which conveyed a sense of security even so high up in the air...somewhere where the guests could enjoy elegance and luxury and even feel a little sexy.”

Head chef Dwayne Cheer has meanwhile announced that the Atmosphere’s menu will not feature the sort of gourmet dishes which one would expect in a restaurant that shares space in the Burj Khalifa Tower with luxury hotels such as the Armani. The food that is served here will be “simple, but well prepared.”

Luxury is, however, the order of the day when it comes to the fittings and equipment of the Atmosphere´s wash-up area. MEIKO warewashing machines were chosen to get all the restaurant’s crockery and glasses hygienically and sparklingly clean, contributing to the restaurant’s prestige and success. The restaurant uses:

 One K 160 Pi basket transport machine
 One FV 40.2 undercounter warewasher with GiO module

 In addition, the Armani luxury hotel uses the following MEIKO warewashing machines:

 One BA 532 belt conveyor machine
 One FV 130.2 universal warewashing machine
 Two DV 80.2 pass-through machines
 One FV 40.2 undercounter automatic warewasher