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Topline Egonomie

MEIKO – the manufacturer of high-tech cleaning and disinfection solutions for hospitals and care homes – has received wide acclaim for its TopLine range of appliances. TopLine bedpan washers include a number of innovative features which have raised the bar for the cleaning and disinfection industry by cutting costs, optimizing resource usage and improving working conditions for machine operators. When it comes to making people’s work easier, proper ergonomics is the key.

MEIKO strives to ensure that its products meet all the pertinent requirements for environmental protection and occupational safety as well as delivering outstanding levels of hygiene and user-friendliness.

All TopLine appliances come with a sealed wash chamber. This eliminates the problem of escaping steam and unpleasant odours when removing clean care utensils from the machine. Unlike other brands, MEIKO uses its innovative technology to evacuate the steam required for utensil disinfection through specially designed pipes rather than channelling it into the machine interior. This is a key benefit that significantly improves the indoor climate. The TopLine range also offers automatic opening and closing of the wash chamber door to make operation as easy and hygienic as possible. MEIKO’s non-contact door control system uses an infrared sensor and comes with a safety feature that prevents staff from getting accidentally caught in the door. A foot switch is also available as an optional extra.

MEIKO understands that dirty utensils can cause serious diseases. That’s why it uses the very latest technology to ensure maximum hygiene and to reduce to an absolute minimum all the risks associated with bedpans, urine bottles and similar items – just one of the ways MEIKO makes life safer and easier for staff and patients alike.