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Our Corporate Policy

Products for the global market

We strive to be a leading provider of professional dishwashing technology and cleaning and disinfection technology in the global market.
We aim to create products which offer a combination of optimum cleaning results and high efficiency to customers all over the world. Our mission is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

Innovation and compliance – our obligations inside and outside the company

We are continuously driving innovation and expanding our technical horizons to meet the increasingly challenging standards we and our customers expect. At the same time we constantly ensure our compliance with regulatory requirements worldwide, including all pertinent laws, standards and guidelines. We believe there is a direct correlation between customer benefits and compliance.

Values-based business and partnerships

We have identified a whole series of values which we consider to be important – and we have made these a binding part of everything we do.
This approach involves creating values-based partnerships not only with our customers all over the world, but also with our employees at our headquarters and elsewhere. We acknowledge and respect our partners' cultural ties, and we treat our partners with the same humanist-inspired ethical principles wherever they are.
We take the same approach to nurturing global relationships with other partners including suppliers, service providers and public bodies and interacting with interested members of the general public.

The importance of sustainability

As a values-driven company, we believe in following the principles of sustainability. Two of our key goals in this context are to conserve resources and protect the environment.
Yet sustainability also affects all the other important decisions we make on a wider basis, encouraging us to put more of a focus on long-term success than short-term profit maximisation. This also dovetails with the objectives of the Oskar and Rosel Meier Foundation, which owns our company.

Continuous efforts to improve our business

We are determined that we should never 'rest on our laurels' however much we achieve. We therefore carry out regular analyses as a matter of course in all our key business units to check whether our everyday practice (e.g. processes, products, methods, statements) lives up to the targets we have set ourselves. We derive concrete action steps from any inconsistencies we spot – as well as from any perceived opportunities for improvement. Fully aware of the ever-increasing demands on our business, we believe that this method will systematically make us the best we can possibly be at any given point in time.