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Commercial dishwashing

The right dishwashing technology for every application: from undercounter dishwashing machines through hood type dishwashing machines, universal warewashing machines, flight and rack type dishwashing machines to trolley washers, MEIKO masters the processes for clean solutions.

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Cleaning and disinfection technology

Recognising and interrupting paths of infection – this is mastering hygiene. Nowhere is this more important than in hospitals, care homes and in the cleaning and disinfection of respiratory equipment for fire brigades. MEIKO knows these tasks – and helps you to master them.

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Conveying solutions

Rational system management is the logical continuation of state-of-the-art warewashing technology in a large kitchen. The conveying systems from MEIKO allow you to save on costs, upgrade workplaces and guarantee hygiene. Intelligent management of processes thanks to MEIKO.

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Food waste systems

When food has to become waste – then this should be done with a system and with the aim of keeping wastage as low as possible. The food waste disposal systems from MEIKO ensure that food waste is handled intelligently – and results in new energy.

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GK 60

Preparing salad and vegetables in the kitchen is an important but time-consuming task. MEIKO salad and vegetable washers get these key ingredients hygienically clean while freeing up kitchen staff for more important tasks.

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