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TopClean M basket system

A modular system for cleaning of respirator masks, regulators and SCBA frames

The TopClean M respirator washer uses a specially designed modular basket system. The main bottom baskets ('base baskets') can also be directly accommodated in many drying cabinets. 

In this case the respective basket insert can simply be placed on top of an additional base basket for drying. All our basket inserts can simply be placed on top of a base basket and secured in place. However, to use our regulator basket inserts (8 regulators/combo basket insert) you will first need to install a compressed air line and suitable coupling in your TopClean M respirator washer (see below for separate order number).

If you need to store multiple base baskets, these can simply be stacked together – we also offer custom-made cupboard solutions to store baskets in your equipment workshop. Our basket insert for self-contained breathing apparatuses can be used to clean and disinfect SCBAs in the machine. However, this requires the pressure regulator to be detached and removed before placing the SCBA in the machine unless an approved regulator seal kit is available from the SCBA manufacturer.

Please make sure to always observe the manufacturer's instructions and permitted applications specified in the user manual that came with your respiratory protection equipment.

Basket for full-face masks

Cleans up to 4 full-face masks simultaneously. Up to 40 masks in one hour.

Basket for regulators

With the regulator basket, it is possible to clean up to 80 regulators in an hour – 8 simultaneously. You can even clean and disinfect regulators even while they are still pressurised

Combination basket for respirator masks and regulators

The combination basket can clean and disinfect 4 masks and 4 regulators at the same time.

Basket for self contained breathing apparatus

Using the basket insert for self-contained breathing apparatuses, it is possible to clean up to 10 SCBA frames per hour.