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TOPIC automatic bedpan washers

The safe, fast and reliable way to get bedpans clean – TOPIC automatic bedpan washer

MEIKO's compact system for cleaning bedpans may be on the smaller side, but it packs a big punch! Available in various formats – TOPIC standalone unit, TOPIC combined sluice units, and TOPIC small combined sluice units – this range of automatic bedpan washers is a particularly popular choice for care homes and nursing facilities. It also offers unbeatable performance if you are working on a tight budget. Thanks to the use of tried-and-tested MEIKO technology, TOPIC automatic bedpan washers do a quick job of getting bedpans hygienically clean. If you want to validate your processes, provide your staff with efficient and user-friendly equipment, and ensure the safety of your patients and residents, TOPIC automatic bedpan washers are the best choice of machine to get bedpans clean.

TOPIC all-in-one appliance

The standalone model of the TOPIC automatic bedpan washer is the perfect solution for dirty utility rooms in care homes and nursing facilities, available in both floor-mounted and wall-mounted formats.

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TOPIC small combined sluice unit

Some dirty utility rooms are so small that you need to make the most of every last centimetre. TOPIC small combined sluice units are a great choice for these situations, combining an automatic bedpan washer and slop sink in a single package.

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TOPIC combined sluice

Hygienic workflows, outstanding ergonomics, and an optimum use of space – that's what you get when you choose the combined sluice unit version of the TOPIC automatic bedpan washer. Depending on your needs, this model can incorporate an automatic bedpan washer, work surfaces, slop sink and hand wash basin.

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