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TOPIC standalone unit: automatic bedpan washer-disinfector you can rely on

TOPIC automatic bedpan washer-disinfector provide an impressive array of features

If you're looking for the most hygienic solution in a compact format, look no further than the TOPIC automatic bedpan washer-disinfector as a standalone unit. Quick and easy to install, it also takes up a minimal amount of space. Simply pop it in place or mount it on the wall, connect it up, and it's ready for use! This automatic bedpan washer-disinfector is the perfect choice if you're planning to modernise or renovate your facility. It may be simple to install and tremendously easy to use thanks to it's one-touch operating system, but it doesn't cut any corners when it comes to getting care utensils hygienically clean. TOPIC machines include the ability to set the A0 value in accordance with DIN EN ISO 15883 to ensure reliable hygiene.

TOPIC automatic bedpan washer-disinfectors are also a superbly versatile choice thanks to their multi-functional range of racks and holders for care utensils. The availability of custom racks makes it easy to clean multiple different brands of regular and fracture bedpans, urine bottles, kidney bowls, urine jugs, children's potties and commode buckets. TOPIC automatic bedpan washer-disinfectors offer high-tech features in a robust, stainless steel design.

Width 500 mm
Depth 450 mm
Height 1730 mm
Water connection
Cold water DN 15
Hot water 45-60°C DN 15
Flow pressure 100-500 kPa
Water flow 18l/min.
Water drain
Water drain DN 100
Electrical connection
Standard 400 V, 3N PE, 50 Hz. 4.6 kW
Alternative 230 V, 1N PE, 50 Hz. 2.8 kW
Noise level
Workplace-related emission value LpA LpA 48.2 dB

Technical modifications reserved.