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TopLine bedpan washer

A bedpan washer that offers genuine added value in terms of hygiene

TopLine bedpan washers are innovative machines that look great in any setting. Whatever model you choose – wall-mounted off the floor, floor-mounted, flush-mounted in the wall, or installed under a work surface – every bedpan washer in this range fulfils all the statutory norms and standards. TopLine bedpan washers deliver a significantly safer experience right out of the box. 

These machines employ innovative technologies that offer genuine added value, providing the ultimate protection against outbreaks of infections involving pathogen such as Clostridium difficile, MRSA, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Acinetobacter and many, many more. The A0 parameter setting can be freely adjusted in line with DIN EN ISO 15883.

TopLine individual appliances

A TopLine bedpan washer standalone unit is the perfect centrepiece of any dirty utility room. A great choice to add to your existing configuration – and the ideal cornerstone for planning a completely new facility.

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TopLine small combined sluice units

Small combined sluice units with a TopLine bedpan washer offer equivalent performance to its larger combined sluice units, squeezing maximum efficiency into a compact package!

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TopLine combined sluice units

These compact bedpan washers fit neatly under a work surface, leaving plenty of space on top. That makes people's daily work easier and more efficient.

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