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More than just bedpan washing: TopLine combined sluice units

As well as bedpan washing, these units also offer slop sinks, hand wash basins, additional racks and fittings, and work surfaces

MEIKO understands that some things simply belong together – for example bedpan washing, slop sinks, hand wash basins, storage shelves and work surfaces., TopLine combined sluice units take cutting-edge technology for washing bedpans, urine bottles and similar items and blend this with a clever combination of stainless steel units that offer outstanding functionality. They are packed with features designed to promote hand hygiene and eliminate key sources of hospital-acquired infections and bacteria. TopLine combined sluice units do a great job of getting care utensils clean – and fortunately keeping the machines clean is easy, too! And MEIKO slop sinks now come with the 'whirl effect' for maximum hygiene!

SAN 14 / TopLine 40

The SAN 14/TopLine 40 bedpan washer-disinfector comes with a slop sink and work surface, providing everything you need for bedpan washing in one package.

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SAN 14 B / TopLine 40

This bedpan washing unit comes with a hand wash basin and slop sink, making it the perfect base station for promoting perfect hygiene.

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SAN 19 B / TopLine 40

This is a great choice of combined sluice unit for anyone who has a bit more space in their dirty utility room, combining a bedpan washing device, slop sink, hand wash basin, and plenty of work surfaces.

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SAN 20 W / TopLine 40

A great combination of a large sink, cupboard, slop sink, and the proven technology of a TopLine bedpan washing station.

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SAN 20 BW / TopLine 40

Having a larger dirty utility room opens up all kinds of possibilities. For example, it gives you the option of incorporating a SAN 20 BW/TopLine 40 combined care unit for bedpan washing.

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SAN 24 W / TopLine 40

A combined sluice unit that takes hygiene to the next level, combining a sink, slop sink, hand wash basin and cupboard with a cutting-edge bedpan washing device.

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SAN 29 BW / TopLine 40

A combined sluice unit for bedpan washing with plenty of work surface and cupboard space as well as a hand wash basin, sink, and slop sink.

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