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Perfect bedpan disinfection with the SAN 20 W / TopLine 40 flusher-disinfector

Bedpan flusher-disinfector, slop sink, large standard sink, cupboards and work surfaces: now you're ready to tackle anything!

BIG is the first word that springs to mind when you first lay eyes on this TopLine combined sluice unit! This all-in-one system includes a flusher-disinfectorr for bedpan disinfection, a slop sink, a large standard sink, and plenty of cupboard space, all housed under a large work surface – the perfect solution for hectic, busy environments. With so many other features on board, this bedpan flusher-disinfector is a functional and practical choice, offering a clean solution for any dirty utility room. Everything is neatly contained under the work surface, so there's plenty of room left to mount racks on the wall to store bedpans, urine bottles, children's potties, urine jugs and commode buckets. That keeps clean care utensils safely out of the way, protecting them from re-contamination with dangerous hospital pathogens.

The sink is generously proportioned, and the hygienic slop sink has been designed without a flushing rim based on the latest infection control recommendations. Instead, it uses a special nozzle system (available for an additional charge) to pump spiral-shaped jets of water around the sink to prevent the formation of dangerous biofilms and reservoirs of waterborne bacteria – a hygienic slop sink with the 'whirl effect'!

Width 2000 mm
Depth 600 mm
Height 900 mm
Water connection
Cold water R 1/2"
Hot water 45-60°C R 1/2"
Flow pressure > 1 bar
Water flow > 18 l/min
Water drain
Water drain DN 100
Electrical connection
Standard 400 V, 3N PE, 50 Hz. 4.6 kW
Alternative 230 V, 1N PE, 50 Hz. 2.8 kW
Noise level
Workplace-related emission value LpA 50 dB (A)

Technical modifications reserved.