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TopLine small combined sluice units for washing and disinfecting bedpans

The perfect solution for washing and disinfecting bedpans and carrying out other cleaning chores

Cleaning and disinfecting bedpans is one of the key jobs carried out in dirty utility rooms. But as well as regular and fracture bedpans, commode buckets and urine bottles, nursing staff also bring other items here to get them hygienically clean. The dirty utility room is also the designated place for emptying kidney bowls and vases and disposing of water used for cleaning. It's always useful if your washer-disinfector for cleaning and disinfecting bedpans is nice and close to a utility sink. In fact that's what makes TopLine small combined sluice units such a great choice, because they come with a utility sink already integrated in the unit. This utility sink is far more hygienic than many other models, because it doesn't use a flushing rim. Instead, it has two jet nozzles to wash away any contamination from the sink. Eliminating the rim from the design is an important step forward, because it also eliminates the reservoirs typically populated by waterborne bacteria and biofilms. The 'whirl effect' created by the jet nozzles is the optimum solution for utility sink hygiene!

TopLine 10 A

This combination of flusher disinfector and slop sink for disinfecting bedpans is designed to be mounted on the wall and off the floor, making it easy to keep the area hygienically clean.

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TopLine 20 A

This standalone unit with slop sink is designed for quick installation. It offers the perfect solution for disinfecting bedpans and performing other cleaning and disinfection chores.

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TopLine 40 B

With a work surface on top, this combination of a washer-disinfector and hand wash basin is perfect for disinfecting bedpans in a small sluice room.

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