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TopLine 10 bedpan flusher disinfector with slop sink

A bedpan flusher disinfector with slop sink designed to be mounted on the wall

The TopLine 10 with attached slop sink is more than just a bedpan flusher disinfector. Thanks to the inclusion of a slop sink made from 100% stainless steel, this flusher disinfector for regular and fracture bedpans is the perfect small combined sluice unit for your dirty utility room. The TopLine 10 flusher disinfector with slop sink can easily be mounted on the wall, clear of the floor – a space-saving style of installation which is easy to adapt to your facility's existing layout. The fact that this bedpan flusher disinfector is mounted on the wall also makes it much simpler to keep the room clean. Overall, this is a clean and highly efficient solution that puts the emphasis on hygiene without creating extra work. The funnel-shaped slop sink has been designed without a flushing rim, eliminating the gap that often acts as a reservoir for germs. Instead, spiral-shaped jets of water from built-in nozzles keep the slop sink perfectly clean. The 'whirl effect' is the optimum solution for slop sink hygiene! MEIKO also offers the option of a timer system to automatically rinse the slop sink once a day in situations where the sink may not be used for significant periods of time.

Width 1000 mm
Depth 450 mm
Height 1630 mm
Height from the floor 200 mm
Water connection
Cold water R 1/2"
Hot water 45-60°C R 1/2"
Flow pressure > 1 bar
Water flow > 18 l/min
Water drain
Water drain DN 100
Electrical connection
Standard 400 V, 3N PE, 50 Hz. 4.6 kW
Alternative 230 V, 1N PE, 50 Hz. 2.8 kW
Noise level
Workplace-related emission value LpA 50 dB (A)

Technical modifications reserved.