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Premium class industrial kitchen dishwashers

Setting the standard in industrial kitchen dishwashers, MEIKO hood type and passthrough dishwashers

Dishwashing is a key part of the hotel, restaurant and catering trade – and it poses some significant challenges. MEIKO provides top-quality solutions to match the available space in just about any wash-up area. And if cutting-edge technology is on your wish-list, then MEIKO's premium class industrial kitchen dishwashers are a great choice! We can help you find the best industrial kitchen dishwashers to meet your needs, and we're also happy to advise you on making the best use of the space you have available.

DV 80.2

Our best-selling industrial kitchen dishwasher is specially designed for dishware and coffeeware. This model offers sophisticated ergonomic design in a user-friendly format.

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DV 120.2

Thanks to its variable power settings, this industrial kitchen dishwasher also does a great job cleaning pots, pans and kitchen utensils

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DV 125.2

This industrial kitchen dishwasher comes in a super-sized format designed for heavy workloads. With its high-power pump, it does a great job of cleaning GN containers, trays and even glasses.

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DV 200.2

Make the jump from one basket to two! It couldn't be simpler with the DV 200.2 industrial kitchen dishwasher. You can wash two baskets of washware at the same time without lengthening the wash cycle!

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DV 200.2 PW

Wash two baskets at once while benefiting from the Power Wash effect! The DV 200.2 PW industrial kitchen dishwasher is the perfect choice to deal with stubborn, dried-on dirt and grime.

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