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A hood machine on a bigger scale: DV 125.2

An intelligent hood machine in a super-sized format

This commercial hood machine has a large entry height (555 mm) and an equally impressive entry width (660 mm). The DV 125.2 offers outstanding performance, too. Designed to tackle dishware, transport baskets, Gastronorm (GN) kitchen containers, pots and pans, cutlery, oven trays and even glasses, this hood machine is a genuine powerhouse that produces excellent results. Praised for its powerful washing action, this is also the most robust of MEIKO's hood machines. Extra-wide feed and discharge tables in the corner configuration eliminate the problem of washware hanging over the edges and dripping on the floor.

With a range of powerful and professional features, the DV 125.2 commercial dish and glass washer has everything you need in your wash-up area.

The swivel-mounted, multi-format basket holder offers the ultimate in performance and versatility. The hinged basket holder is suitable for all standard 500 x 500 mm and 600 x 500 mm baskets as well as transport containers. The extraordinary versatility of the DV 125.2 hood type industrial warewasher is underlined by the availability of a wide range of non-standard baskets. These include baskets for trays, serving dishes, baking and display trays, as well as a basket with sloping supports for 600 x 400 transport containers, and even a basket for GN 2/1 containers.

Width 735 (789) mm
Depth 750 (850) mm
Height 1590 mm
Total height with hood open 2200 mm
Entry height 555 mm
Basket dimensions 500x500 (650x500) mm
Programme cycles * 60 / 90 / 210 s
Theoretical basket capacity 60 / 40 / 17 / h
Pump motor 1.5 kW
Tank capacity 26 l
Final rinse 3.2 l/basket
Tank heating 2.0 kW
Built-in boiler
10°C feed water temperature 9 kW
45°-60°C feed water temperature 7.5 kW
Total connected load
3-phase NPE 400 V, 50 Hz, 10°C feed water temperature 12.7 kW
3-phase NPE 400 V, 50 Hz, 45°-60°C feed water temperature 11.2 kW
Protection class
Protection class IPX5

*  If the appliance is connected to the cold water supply and / or at a short basket exchange time, the time necessary to reach hygienic rinsing temperatures can be extended.

Date: 10.2016. Technical modifications reserved.