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Hood dishwasher DV 80.2

The perfect hood dishwasher for anyone who has a lot on their plate!

Air gap

WRC approved class ’A’ air gap with booster pump.
Complies with all local water authority byelaws.

Does your business have to wash large quantities of dishware and coffeeware? Do you sometimes even have to deal with huge stacks of dirty glasses? The DV 80.2 is one of MEIKO's best-selling hood dishwashers – and for good reason. With its optimised wash and rinse systems, a perfectly designed wash tank concept, and a truly unique filter system, this is no ordinary machine. Thanks to its sophisticated ergonomic design and automatic hood lifting device, this model really shines when it comes to dealing with heavy workloads. This is a commercial hood dishwasher people often describe as a genuine pleasure to work with!

Other key features of this hood type commercial dishwasher:

  • The ultimate in user-friendliness thanks to easy-to-understand icons and clearly displayed wash and rinse temperatures
  • 440 mm usable pass-through height makes it easy to wash Euronorm trays, bulky dishware items, tall beer glasses and much, much more
  • Excellent cleaning results thanks to multiple filtration of wash tank water
  • Maximum energy efficiency, better indoor air quality, and fast washware drying with optional exhaust heat recovery

The clever design of MEIKO’s hood dishwasher opens up an almost unlimited range of possible configurations, from linear pass through systems to space-saving corner models. Please get in touch to find out more. We can help you create a cost-effective, custom-made solution tailored to your specific requirements.

Width 635 (687) mm
Depth 750 (850) mm
Height 1470 mm
Total height with hood open 1965 mm
Entry height 440 mm
Basket dimensions 500 x 500 (540 x 500) mm
Programme cycles * 60/90/210 s
Theoretical basket capacity 60 / 40 / 17 / h
Pump motor 0.75 kW
Tank capacity 22 l
Final rinse 2.6 l/basket
Tank heating 1.3 kW
Built-in boiler
10°C feed water temperature 9 kW
45°-60°C feed water temperature 7.5 kW
Total connected load
3-phase NPE 400 V, 50 Hz, 10°C feed water temperature 11.3 kW
3-phase NPE 400 V, 50 Hz, 45°-60°C feed water temperature 9.8 kW
Protection class
Protection class IPX5

* If the appliance is connected to the cold water supply and / or at a short basket exchange time, the time necessary to reach hygienic rinsing temperatures can be extended.

Date: 10.2016. Technical modifications reserved.