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M-iQ rack dishwasher – a professional dishwasher of the latest generation

This rack conveyor dishwasher shows what modern dishwashing technology can do

The rack dishwasher from the M-iQ range shows you what a professional dishwasher is capable of today: saving energy, sparing resources, and nevertheless surprising with its ease of use and ergonomic design – and above all else, convincing users! The M-iQ energy concept provides an optimum energy balance, and not only saves costs but brings a good climate into the utility room. The M-iQ GreenEye technology® ensures that the detergent and rinse aid are only added in the required amounts, and that at least 10% less tap water is used. The M-iQ AirConcept is responsible for the fact that this rack conveyor dishwasher can also completely omit an exhaust air connection, and the M-iQ filter ensures the highest levels of process efficiency.

  • A 30% improved rinse performance with a one-third reduction in the use of materials and energy
  • Revolutionary filter system for optimum cleanliness with the use of considerably less detergent and water
  • Superb drying results and the highest levels of energy efficiency with M-iQ AirComfort drying
  • Best indoor climate thanks to effective heat recovery
  • Self-explanatory operator guidance on the hygienic glass display
  • Intelligent self-cleaning programme means less lower personnel costs
Dimensions Standard
Basket dimensions 500 x 500 mm
Passing width 570 mm
Passing height 465 mm
Rack capacity with 2 min. contact time as required by DIN 10510 95 – 225 racks/h
Transport speed with 2 min. contact time as required by DIN 10510 0.78 – 1.88 m/min
Final rinse water volume 165 – 180 l/h
Electrical connection
Total connected load, incl. drying zone(s) 33.0 – 41.0 kW
Power consumption, incl. dryin zone(s) 25.0 – 28.7 kW
Exhaust air volume flow 110 – 170 m³/h
Machine length 1,550 – 4,250 mm

Technical modifications reserved.