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MEIKO's universal warewashing machines offer outstanding performance!

DV and FV series models: the ultimate in all-round universal warewashing machines

MEIKO universal warewashing machines certainly live up to their name, offering all-round performance. With their impressive pass through heights, the DV 125.2 and DV 270.2 models operate on a whole different scale to most other universal warewashing machines, accommodating just about any kind of washware. Alternatively, if you're looking for a machine to tackle your pots, pans and bowls, the FV 130.2 and FV 250.2 models are a great choice. These machines truly excel in terms of technical features, entry height and capacity.

DV 125.2

This all-round universal warewasher is a professional and powerful choice. With additional nozzles made from stainless steel, this is a genuinely robust machine in every sense. It also offers a super-sized pass through height of 555 mm.

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FV 130.2

This multi-purpose universal warewashing machine can tackle pots and utensils and is built to tackle the toughest jobs in the kitchen. It features cutting-edge technology, a functional design, and a fully electronic control system.

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FV 250.2

This high-capacity model can handle multiple types of washware, hence its reputation as a "universal warewashing machine". It can wash up to three transport containers at the same time.

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DV 270.2

This universal warewashing machine offers an enormous pass through height of 650 mm – so your staff can spend their time on more useful things than cleaning bulky washware.

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