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A successful concept, offering unique advantages for example:

the bi-cord conveyor system prevents individual dishes or other small items from being placed on the conveyor belt. It will only transport trays or plates of specific sizes.

Operational safety:
MEIKO bi-cord conveyors made their mark under the toughest conditions such as in 24-hour in-flight catering systems. They are subject to uncompromising quality controls and have been awarded the test mark by the professional guild.
Noiseless operation:
this feature results from an extreme low friction level due to the fact that the bi-cords virtually glide above the surface of the coneyor system.
the unrestricted and easy cleaning of the conveyor system is insured by the minimal linear contact surface of the bi-cords, (this is especially importantin the tray feeding and cleaning areas) and the smooth surfaces of both cords and conveyor, thus fulfilling all hygiene requirements of a catering establishment.
Problemfree maintenance:
bi-cord conveyor systems require minimal maintenance and show hardly any signs of wear, thanks to the high quality of the materials used.