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Individual conveying system

Individual solution

For all dishware transport problems, MEIKO's modular conveying systems provide solutions to:

  • minimize costs with logical and rational system routing
  • humanize workplaces
  • optimize hygiene. 

Our programme comprises:

  • bi-cord conveyors
  • belt conveyors
  • slat conveyors
  • vertical conveyors
  • roller conveyors.

Additionally, we offer for adaptation to any given specific problematic, a wide range of accessories such as:

  • tray mergers
  • tray infeed systems
  • stackers
  • storage resp. queue-up control
  • cutlery transport magnets etc.

And, not to be underestimated, at MEIKO, we construct and supply both dishwashing and conveying systems, thus making us your sole specialists for complete systems.