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Vertical conveyors

The ideal solution to vertical transport: the MVF vertical conveyor. You will soon come to appreciate its amazing advantages:

  • extremely quiet operation
  • virtually maintenance-free
  • tough-sturdy construction
  • high tensile strength of the special rubber chains with integrated steel traction cables
  • smooth transition from the horizontal to the vertical
  • excellent tabelware stability
  • can be integrated into a wide range of systems
  • can be clad to fit in with a variety of interior

The MEIKO cadence system ensures smooth tray braking and starting even when working at high capacity (up to 30 trays/min.). This means that glasses and bottles can also be transported safely.

A reasonable extension and addition to the transport system is a further possibility for the vertical tray return conveyor:

  • Vertical conveyor MVF-G with fork-shaped system. In parallel to the platform transport system MVF-P already proven for years, there are now further very interesting tray return planning possibilities. 
  • A high capacity of up to 20 trays/min. can be handled with an S-shaped conveyor system.
  • But also a C-shaped conveyor system, where the infeed and discharge are at the same side of the tower, offer this capacity.