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WasteStar SC - system for commercial food waste disposal

The WasteStar system (WTS) is a vacuum food waste recycling system integrated in large kitchens for the collection of organic kitchen scraps out of the wash-up and the preparation areas.

The organic refuse arising in the kitchen is directly fed into the integrated feeding station of the MEIKO wash-up or MEIKO transport system. An intermediate storage of commercial food waste in separate trolleys is no longer necessary. The integration of the system guarantees ergonomical handling of dishes and commercial food waste. This provides relief for workers as well as allowing essential time savings.

Food residues do not only arise in the wash-up area, consequently the Waste-Star commercial food waste disposal system also considers the preparation zones in a large kitchen in a complete food waste concept. Due to a modular construction, the wash-up as well as the preparation areas can be integrated in one system.

The vacuum transport of the food waste is executed via a stainless steel pipe system into a collection tank where the food waste is intermediately stored until it’s disposal by tanker. The vacuum required for the food waste transport is provided by a vacuum pump.
The advantages of a modular system are also shown due to the possibility of an optional grease trap disposal (grease and mud parts), which can also be executed by means of a WasteStar commercial food waste recycling system.

Adpated to the individual work-flows and capacities of the wash-up installations, MEIKO provides for the wash-up area system solutions which consider in an ideal way the requirements of ergonomy and organization.

Commercial food waste can be fed into the WasteStar - disposal system directly in the stripping and sorting section of the dishwashing machine via the integrated waste chutes.

Thus allowing an integration of the commercial food waste disposal into the work-flow.

Advantages of the WasteStar commercial food waste recycling system

  • MEIKO wash-up areas - complete solution out of one hand
  • easy and reliably safe technology
  • easy handling
  • no connection with the sewerage system
  • no intermediate storage in waste bins
  • no cooling room required
  • low space requirement due to compact construction
  • closed system
  • no stench nuisance
  • no noise emission
  • no cleaning or personnel costs for waste room and waste bins
  • waste transport by means of a tanker
  • long-term, reliable and environmentally-friendly disposal

Defined disposal ways for organic kitchen waste

  • biogas plant
  • sewage treatment
  • composting plant

WasteStar can be used in:

  • university cafeteria
  • hospital and health care facilities
  • staff feeding facilities
  • military barracks
  • hotels and restaurants
  • food processing plants
  • catering