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    Without doubt the next few months are going to be challenging for the hospitality business. 

    One thing we at Meiko can help you with, is ensuring the glasses, crockery, cutlery pots and pans you use are crystal clean and hygienically safe.

    The fact that Meiko machines have been certified to inactivate Covid-19 and other viruses, is a real boost of confidence to Meiko owners and users of their establishments (certificate is available on request). 

    The first step... 

    After such a long closure, you first need to make sure your business is ready to open, in whatever format that may be... and one key element is making sure your glass or dishwasher is in tiptop condition, as hygiene will mean everything!!

    The following tips are some quick pointers to help you get to the next stage of opening up your business and getting back on track, doing what you love.

    Before you do anything...

    Dishwashers should have been drained down at the start of lockdown and, ideally, flushed through several times a week to ensure maximum hygiene. 

    However, there will be cases where water has not drained; the dishwasher might be full of stagnant water and so might the heat pump systems. Meiko recommends that – before attempting to drain, that this equipment is checked and tested by our qualified engineers. 

    Because of the risk of Legionnaires’ Disease, wear suitable clothing and protective equipment for the eyes, face and hands before attempting to inspect or restart a dishwasher (or any water using equipment) that has been not used for several weeks.



    Exclusive offer to Meiko customers

    We have put together two exclusive hygiene packages to help get your machine and business up and running again.

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    Complete peace of mind that your Meiko dishwasher has been hygiene approved.

    Provided the machine has been drained and flushed regularly during lockdown, this is the procedure for restarting. If you have any doubts, contact Meiko Technical Services.

    1. Clean and sanitise surfaces, including walls and floors and the exterior of the dishwasher and other kitchen equipment.
    2. Check the condition of electric cables and hoses, to make sure nothing is worn or has worked loose. Replace and repair as necessary before moving on.
    3. Check the dishwash interior and, if possible, the heat pump system if there is one, to make sure there that water has not accumulated, is not stagnant or an unusual colour, especially red or green. If the dishwasher does not pass this basic check, call for an engineer immediately. 

    4. Check water softener if you have one; check chemicals and top up as necessary; remove wash arms and filters, rinse and make sure nothing is blocked and filter screens are sound; and replace in the machine.

    5. Assuming all is OK, check that the power and water services are now turned on and give the dishwasher a run through when empty; first on a short programme to give everything a flush, then on the longest and hottest programme you have.

    6. Push buttons and opening mechanisms may be stiff and reluctant to move. Thoroughly clean around the area and try again. If the buttons or doors still do not move, forcing them could cause damage, so call an engineer.

    7. Temperature check: Note the temperatures of the wash and rinse cycles and record for future reference.
    • Wash temperatures on Meiko dishwashers should be a minimum of: 55-65 degC
    • Rinse temperatures on Meiko dishwashers should be a minimum of: 82 degC
    • Wash temperatures on Meiko glasswashers should be a minimum of: 55-65 degC 
    • Rinse temperatures on Meiko glasswashers should be a minimum of: 65 degC


    Claim your Meiko COVID-19 window sticker

    If you have one of the latest Meiko glass or dishwashers, you can claim a window sticker to show that your machine inactivates the COVID-19 virus, what better way to give your customers complete peace of mind.

    To claim your sticker email MRoberts@meiko-uk.co.uk with details about your glass or dishwasher, including model and when and where you purchased it.


    If you have a Meiko dish or glasswasher, don't forget to download the Back to Business Offer here

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