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    Whether its customers' dishes or production equipment: MEIKO technology cleans everything perfectly hygienically

    Today, bakers and confectioners are a constant in the restaurant and catering market. And the tasks are large when it comes to warewashing: on the one hand there are the same challenges as in any restaurant with dishes, cutlery and glasses to be cleaned. On the other hand, display trays, transport crates and the production equipment also need their space in the warewashing machine. On this score, MEIKO is there for you with a whole range of device types with a universal character. The icing on the cake, in the widest sense, is the integrated reverse osmosis technology for the production of demineralised water. Because conventional water softening technology is yesterday's solution!

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    Avoid plastic waste

    Moving from disposable to reusable dishware helps protect our environment. Find out how smart commercial dishwashing technology helps avoid plastic waste.


    Powerful and hygienic for tough residues on baking and presentation trays

    Baked-on bits of dough and thick encrusted residues are tough work for the dishwashing machine. Thankfully, MEIKO machines are happy taking on any dirt with a high-powered clean and the perfect formula for aluminium equipment.

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    The light is always on at the bakery. The dishwashing machine is on night and day.

    Bakery days are long – and that is tough on both man
    and machine. MEIKO professional dishwashing machines guarantee minimum downtime – and if something does go wrong, our authorised service technicians will be with you in a jiffy.
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