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    A-Quality Party & Linen, Inc.

    This New York rental company got cleaner dishes, reduced their energy use, and increased cost savings by switching to MEIKO.

    Time-saving by the dishwasher.

    A-Quality Party & Linen, Inc. is a rental company in Spring Valley, New York, that offers event and party supplies, including dishes. The owner, Sam Danziger, has been in business for more than 10 years.

    With his previous warewashing machine, the dishwashing quality was poor. The machine also consumed 160 gallons of water or more per hour to wash the dishes. In contrast, a MEIKO M-iQ commercial dishwasher uses just slightly more than a third of that — less than 57 gallons per hour.

    Danziger researched his options and found that MEIKO’s M-iQ flight-type dishwasher not only met his cleaning standards, but his focus on water and energy conservation. The M-iQ’s fully integrated airflow system captures hot air generated during use and reuses it to enable hot-water sanitization from a cold-water supply — saving energy and reducing costs.

    “That means I save over time. That goes toward my bottom line, which means I can invest more, I can grow more and I can expand faster".

    Danziger also credits the MEIKO team with helping him throughout the installation process and beyond. The support they provide affirms his decision to choose the MEIKO M-iQ. “I invested in the right machine".

    “They know what they are doing. They understand how to get water wetter, which is actually the concept of clean. You see their knowledge; it makes you trust them more. You have nothing to fear going with MEIKO.”