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    BaxterStorey wins award for ‘Operator of the Year for Energy Efficiency & Sustainability’

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    Sponsored by Meiko UK, this award was presented at the 2018 FEJ (Foodservice Equipment Journal) Awards in Birmingham in June.

    Pictured receiving the award plaque from Meiko UK MD Paul Anderson is Henry Cawson, Sustainability Manager at BaxterStorey.

    “We are thrilled to be recognized for our initiatives on sustainability and reducing food waste,” says Cawson.

    “At BaxterStorey we first introduced a sustainable business team in 2006. Since then as demand for change has increased, sustainable practices have become ingrained into our company culture and we now train all new staff on saving energy, water and food waste.

    “It’s encouraging to see how the foodservice industry as a whole is responding to both customer needs and the wider environment. We are proud to be just one of many companies driving behaviour change through initiatives such as food waste reduction to energy efficiencies.”

    Comments Paul Anderson, “By sponsoring this award, Meiko UK wanted to highlight that we – the industry – can make a difference to the environment by making the right sustainable choices.

    “BaxterStorey sets a splendid example for others to follow. They have developed specific projects to drive awareness about sustainability among staff and customers and have followed this through with consistent execution in the form of staff training and education.

    “They are making a sustainable difference, proving that we can all change how we treat this planet and help our customers to be greener and more cost-efficient.”


    Picture courtesy of Foodservice Equipment Journal