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    Caterware takes care of the warewash worries for Levant Group

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    Levant opened in London in 2000 and is credited with singlehandedly raising the profile of Middle Eastern restaurant culture in the capital.
    Now the Levant Group is bringing Lebanese home style cooking to the high street with the casual dining canteen and delicatessen concept, Comptoir Libanais. Shawa, a small, quick eatery that revolves around shawarma, has just opened at Westfield, London.
    Caterware has just recently completed work on the CPU servicing the Group’s expansion, installing two Meiko FV130.2-GiO AirConcept utensil washers.
    Explains Mark Drazen, Managing Director, Caterware, “The client was moving into a new large Central Production Kitchen in order to cope with their nationally expanding restaurant group and to ensure they can ‘future proof’ their continual growth and restaurant opening schedule for their Comptoir Libanais and Shawa brands.  
    “They therefore need to wash large quantities of pots, pans and utensils and FV130.2 GiO AC Utensil Washers were installed within both the high risk and low risk potwash areas.
    “The AirConcept system meant neither Caterware nor the contractor had to worry about what would have been an expensive and complicated condense extract scheme.
    “The GiO system ensures that the customer does not have to concern themselves with water quality issues and all the hassles which evolve from traditional water softeners, topping up with salt or regeneration. 
    “Backed up by Meiko’s excellent after sales service and Warranty package, choosing Meiko meant we could solve all the issues with one machine.”
    AirConcept captures the waste air heat from the washing and rinsing process and feeds this hot air back into the machine to pre-heat the incoming cold water. The AirConcept system reduces steam emissions by some 80%, greatly improving the climate within the wash-up area, resulting in a more comfortable working environment.
    AirConcept is also available on Meiko hood-type machines including DV80.2/120.2/125.2/200.2/200.2PW dishwashers and FV130.2/250.2/270.2 utensil washers.
    In most cases, the system will eliminate the need for an overhead extraction canopy, saving thousands of pounds for the user when installed.

    Levant, 65 Wigmore Street, London W1U 1JT
    Phone: 020 7486 1111

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    Caterware House, Welbeck Ave, Blackpool, Lancashire FY4 4ES
    Phone: 01253 760777
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