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    ‘Café 1809 Hildenborough’ (pronounced one eight oh nine) is named after the number Kelly Holmes wore winning both her Olympic golds at the Athens 2004 games.

    She wanted to create a community hub with the café in her home town and is proud to have created an attractive meeting and social space as well as generating employment locally.

    Upstairs in what used to be the newsagents where Kelly earned pocket money doing paper rounds, there are now meeting and small cinema rooms with a beauty therapy section to come.

    Inside 1809 the focus is on a large display counter packed with breads, pastries, cakes and treats and gluten free products, as well as retail space highlighting produce from the surrounding area including the increasingly renowned regional wines. Out back past the smoothies section and frozen yoghurt machine, is a brightly lit seating area and a rear garden with racks for more than 30 bikes as encouragement for customers to get active. Find out more at: www.cafe1809.co.uk

    Local distributor Keemlaw Catering Equipment carried out the kitchen and servery installation, which included a Meiko ECO530 dishwasher mounted on a support stand to bring the machine up to an ergonomic working height in what is a narrow space.

    The front loading glass or dish washing machine can handle up to 30 baskets per hour and comes with Meiko’s two-year warranty.

    1809 Manager Jade Cooper praised Meiko Technical Services as “efficient” because Meiko assisted the staff with engineer support and additional training to help them cope with washing and handling the large volume of dishware, glasses and cutlery.


    Meiko has launched an online tutorial intended to help train staff who will be using Meiko glasswashers on a regular basis.

    The objective is to troubleshoot potential problems before they happen.

    Training is a key element in ensuring warewashing machines are used correctly and work to their optimum efficiency, which in turn helps to reduce call outs to avoidable breakdowns.

    This tutorial is available free to all distributors and their customers using Meiko glasswashers.

    To obtain a personal login and password, email Meiko Product Manager Mark Roberts on MRoberts@meiko-uk.co.uk with the name of who will be studying the tutorial.


    Founded by in 2008, the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust supports athletes as they transition from sport and uses their unique skills to transform the lives of disadvantaged young people through mentoring programmes.

    There are just under one million young people not in employment, education or training (NEET) in the UK and the Trust has involved some 500 athletes in mentoring over 200,000 youngsters in programmes across the country. www.damekellyholmestrust.org

    Old Florence Place
    152-154 Tonbridge Road
    TN11 9HW

    Email - info@cafe1809.co.uk
    Phone - 01732 667500