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    Meiko Shortlisted for Award

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    Meiko UK are proud to have been shortlisted for the Training and Education Award at the 2016 Catering Insight Awards.


    "New for 2016, the Catering Insight supplier training and education award, sponsored by CESA, is aimed at those manufacturers who have invested extensively in education programmes for the benefit of the industry over the past 12 months. This could be for their own staff, dealers or the wider sector."

    Catering Insight


    The Award's organiser commented:


    A new training facility unveiled at Meiko’s UK headquarters in Slough has provided the market with a valuable resource for warewash training. The site contains a cross-section of working machines, such as undercounter, pass through and rack transport models, to enable hands-on training of distributor and other third party engineers. This facility is backed up by engineer training courses that see specialists flown over from the company’s head office in Germany to add value to the sessions.


    The winner will be decided by an electronic vote to key executives within the industry.

    The awards will be held on the 30 November at the Underglobe, underneath the Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, London