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    New Meiko FV250.2 GiO utensil washing machine for New Hall School, Chelmsford

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    New Hall School, Boreham, Chelmsford is the leading Catholic boarding and day school in England, teaching boys and girls aged 3-18.
    Harrison Catering Services operate catering facilities including the main kitchen and central dining hall.
    New Hall serves some 12,000 meals per week, an increase of 2,000 since 2013 when the school upgraded its Meiko K-Tronic dishwasher and fitted a new conveyor system.
    Recently installed is a Meiko FV250.2 GiO AirConcept utensil washing machine, with associated sink unit, overhead spray and wash down hose reel.
    Explains Deputy Catering Manager Gregg Davis, “We can easily serve 1500 meals in a lunchtime and most of that food is cooked in GN trays and large pans. With the school expanding over recent years, we really needed to get to grips with pot washing.
    “The machine is situated in the main kitchen and we needed the AirConcept because the machine is installed in an area with no direct ventilation.
    “The pans are pre-washed to get the worst of the residue off and then run through the machine. Wash results are great and I am impressed by Meiko’s aluminium-safe detergent, which is more competitively priced than that from our usual supplier.”
    Earlier this year New Hall achieved top marks with a 5/5 hygiene rating from Chelmsford Council. To get the top rating of ‘5’, the business is considered to have very good hygiene, and excels in the following three areas:

    • How hygienically food is handled
    • The condition of the structure of the buildings
    • How the business manages what it does to make sure food is safe, and demonstrating an assurance that standards will be kept high.

    In 2013, the school increased the processing power of its existing Meiko K200 KVAP rack transport dishwasher by installing an extra wash tank, increasing the hourly basket throughput to enable additional numbers to be handled with ease.
    But the key change was to the old carousel and handling system. Meiko designed a new system to replace the carousel, incorporating a polycord conveyor system feeding into the dishwash and a new forward sorting station to decant the trays, including waste scrapping section and waste disposal unit.
    “It was important to have the system from one supplier so that the whole thing would work seamlessly. Operationally it is much more workable and is much more aesthetically pleasing and ergonomic,” said Catering Manager Simon Connolly.
    “The dishwash staff prefer the new method of working as it removes the double handling which we had previously, when they were taking trays off the carousel and then having to turn round and put them down to process. Now, they can work straight from the tray to fill the racks, which are then simply pushed onto the roller table taking them into the dishwasher.
    “Meiko is a professional organisation with a quality product.”
    AirConcept captures the waste air heat from the washing and rinsing process and feeds this hot air back into the machine to pre-heat the incoming cold water. The AirConcept system reduces steam emissions by some 80%, greatly improving the climate within the wash-up area, resulting in a more comfortable working environment.
    AirConcept is also available on Meiko hood-type machines including DV80.2/120.2/125.2/200.2/200.2PW dishwashers and FV130.2/250.2/270.2 utensil washers.
    In most cases, the system will eliminate the need for an overhead extraction canopy, saving thousands of pounds for the user when installed.

    New Hall School, The Avenue, Boreham, Chelmsford, Essex CM3 3HS
    Phone: 01245 467588