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    Fulcrum Commercial Kitchens and Meiko have won praise from caterers at the Natural History Museum for the installation of a new high capacity dishwash system.

    Phil Cass, Senior General Manager at Benugo complimented Meiko and Fulcrum on the overnight installation of a K200KVPi rack transport machine plus tabling.

    “I had asked Fulcrum for the best machine they could get,” says Cass. “The restaurant seats 330 and can serve up to 1200 covers in a day. The dishwash itself can be in operation for up to 12 hours – we needed a Rolls Royce of a machine.

    “So far, so good. I am very happy with the dishwasher; the extra pre-wash has improved washing results and Meiko’s technical support response has been excellent.

    “The removal of the old machine and installation of the new one had to be overnight to minimise disruption to the restaurant. It was nice to see both Fulcrum and Meiko happy to work around our requirements.”

    Benugo runs nine catering units within the museum including the Restaurant in the Green Zone Waterhouse Building. Set in a beautiful former gallery, the restaurant serves up pizzas, burgers, salads and other daily specials, with a special ‘Scoffasaurus’ kids’ menu available for smaller diners. Such is the success of the operation, it had outgrown its original rack transport machine, which was only five years old.

    Adds Fulcrum Director, David Burnett, “A new kitchen and the dishwash system were both installed. This was a difficult program to manage because between the hours of 9.30am to 6pm there could be no contractors working on site, due to public access.

    “We chose the Meiko rack transport machine because the client needed a premium quality product. We have developed a good working relationship with Meiko. There are some manufacturers who I would not be confident in to provide warranty support but Meiko’s PPM and technical support service is excellent and includes working over weekends. This gives us and the client peace of mind. The client also has the additional benefit of being able to fix their costs, which is always popular.”


    The Natural History Museum
    Cromwell Road
    London SW7 5BD
    Switchboard: +44 (0)20 7942 5000 (9.00-17.50 daily)
    Email: contact via enquiries form.

    Benugo: www.benugo.com/public-spaces/natural-history-museum
    Fulcrum Commercial Kitchens: www.fulcrumkitchens.co.uk