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    Wyevale Cadbury Garden Centre, Bristol

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    The choice of a breakfast or tea with Father Christmas is just one of many seasonal catering promotions run by Wyevale Cadbury Garden Centre.

    It also makes promotional use of its ‘Pirate Adventure Golf Course’ to generate trade over and above the steady garden centre fare of morning coffee, lunches and afternoon teas – all of which have created such a demand that Wyevale Cadbury has recently upgraded its dishwashing to a powerful 190 rack per hour Meiko UPster K-M250 rack transport machine.

    Specified and installed by Meiko UK Partner Distributor Airedale Group, the UPster K-M250 was selected for this project primarily because of the backup and support provided by Meiko UK.

    According to the Airedale’s project manager Graham Birch, “Meiko were used instead of a competitor because of their methodology, their approach to the design and their overall high levels of service. We look forward to many more future projects working with one of our preferred manufacturing partners.”

    Garden centres need to be able to use every inch of space when designing kitchens.

    Areas with a low ceiling height, previously thought of as unsuitable for dishwashers can now be brought into productive use, thanks to the latest generation of dishwash technology, such as the UPster rack transport machines, featuring integral heat recovery systems.

    No overhead ventilation is needed because the heat recovery helps to eliminate excess steam and heat. Heat recovery systems that recycle waste heat and steam are now available as standard on many models, usually saving on the cost of overhead ventilation and enabling the use of spaces with low ceiling heights.

    More information:

    Airedale Group: www.airedale-group.co.uk


    Smallway, Congresbury, Bristol, BS49 5AA www.wyevalegardencentres.co.uk/garden-centres/Cadbury/K78