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    With cutting-edge technology designed to ensure the right water temperature, zero germs, and clean and efficient processes, MEIKO complies with all applicable standards and guarantees maximum hygiene.

    CC-Touch is an intuitive wash control system featuring a high-quality and extremely robust glass display. Its smooth, easy-clean surface maximises hygiene, and its user-friendly GUI ensures 100% reliable operation – especially as it only displays the controls that you can actually use in each situation. CC-Touch enables different user groups – such as kitchen management, the dishwashing team, and service technicians – to save information to memory and retrieve large quantities of data. It takes just a few seconds to fully update the operating logs required by hygiene regulations such as DIN 10510.

    CC-Touch also makes it easy for authorised personnel to intervene in the control process to carry out systematic process optimisation. And the high resolution of the generously proportioned TFT colour display means that supporting documents such as operating instructions, spare parts lists and contact data can be visualised right there on the CC-Touch screen.

    CC Touch - control system
    CC Touch - Intuitive prompts for reliable operation

    Self-explanatory prompts for reliable operation

    CC-Insight provides an intelligent software solution which allows all relevant data, functions and operating procedures to be stored on the machine itself, including the operating logs required for compliance with standards such as DIN 10510. This data can then be transferred to a local PC and displayed in the form of function-specific diagrams and animated depictions of machine processes. The software also enables users to analyse and diagnose the machine’s operating status.

    CC-Insight allows users to update operating logs by manually entering data on cleaning procedures, water changes, repairs, and replacement of detergent/rinse aid containers. It also enables users to integrate their equipment into a network, to link up multiple units, and to connect machines to a control room or a kitchen or facility management system. Data can be transmitted via a serial interface (RS 232/422), LAN/W-LAN, GSM/GPRS or LAN and GSM/GPRS. GSM can be used for SMS and e-mails.

    CC-Insight comes with an update function which provides convenient access to software upgrades and updates.

    CC Insight - software solution
    CC-Insight: Control module, data transmission for dishwashing machines

    The smart control module for PC data transmission and visualisation

    Using Bluetooth technology, CC-Log communicates with the machine’s control system to transfer and save all relevant system and hygiene data in a matter of seconds. The licensed software package wirelessly retrieves the machine data and operating logs in accordance with DIN 10510. So whenever you need to perform an analysis or diagnostic process, you have the reassurance of knowing that all the data is on hand. With CC-Log you can select the specific operating log you need from the memory, automatically transfer operating logs to a local PC, archive operating logs on a local PC, and send data by e-mail.

    CC-Log comes with an update function which provides convenient access to software upgrades and updates.

    control system upgrade CC Log
    The control module for operating logs and data transfer

    The control module for operating logs and data transfer

    MIKE is an award-winning communication technology which is compatible with the full range of MEIKO products. This innovative, component-specific control technology for modular integration offers maximum functionality, is extremely simple to use, and makes it easy to perform detailed service diagnostics.

    intuitive control technology MIKE
    MEIKO control technology for maximum functionality

    MEIKO control technology for maximum functionality

    MEIKO’s Advanced Dosing Technology offers reliability, pure and simple. That means no more wear parts, reliable and fully automatic ventilation (e.g. after replacing the detergent container), visual and electronic function monitoring, and self-priming capabilities up to a height difference of 0.6 m. Low detergent levels are signalled automatically – without any need to install sensors in the storage containers.

    MEIKO’s GiO MODULE technology provides all the benefits of reverse osmosis to enhance the rinse process. The purest demineralised rinse water ensures brilliant results. The module does not require any regeneration time, so you get a reverse osmosis process with 100% availability while eliminating the cost and hassle of replacing and stocking cartridges.

    The built-in GiO MODULE boasts a flexible, modular design, a compact footprint, practical all-round capabilities in just about any wash-up area, and low running costs. An investment in GiO MODULE technology can be recouped significantly faster than investments in complete or partial demineralisation units, and in many cases even faster than water softener systems!

    dishwashing machine - partial demineralisation
    Partial demineralisation for glass, dish andd warewashing

    When results have to meet particularly high standards, the first treatment we recommend is partial demineralisation.

    reverse osmosis system
    Reverse Osmosis for sparkling clean dishes and glassware

    For clients who want their glasses and dishes to sparkle, improving the water quality is essential – and that calls for demineralisation or osmosis.

    MEIKO’s Energy and Water Saving system (EWS) ensures outstanding cleaning results while significantly reducing the amount of water required per wash cycle. Efficient wash cycles combined with effective rinsing and active dirt removal keep the total operating costs of water, power and chemicals to a minimum.

    EWS - reduced amount of water and energy required
    Top hygiene with energy and water saving - Commercial Dishwashing

    Top hygiene with minimum water consumption

    The optional GiO-TECH module removes virtually all minerals from the water, including bacteria and viruses. It provides the purest water for the final rinse, a critical stage of the dishwashing cycle which ensures brilliant and hygienic results for everything from cutlery, glassware and dishware to pots and pans.

    The benefits of the GiO-TECH module are immediately apparent right from the planning stage thanks to its simple, space-saving design and installation. It also scores highly in terms of customer service and maintenance thanks to its one-size-fits-all configuration for all dishwasher sizes. Customers are delighted with how quickly an investment in GiO-TECH pays for itself – and of course it produces brilliant results that create a fantastic all-round impression. Finally, GiO-TECH offers outstanding environmental and hygiene credentials by making careful use of resources and focusing on top-notch cleanliness – all very much in tune with our motto of "MEIKO – The clean solution"!

    M-iQ GiO-TECH
    Integrated reverse osmosis for commerical dishwashing machines

    Integrated reverse osmosis for M-iQ

    Point2 AirConcept – MEIKO’s innovative approach to air management – recovers the heat from exhaust air to generate top-class air quality. Instead of being released in an uncontrolled manner into the room, the hot steam is recycled to produce thermal energy.

    This tangibly reduces ambient emissions and improves the indoor climate, making the wash-up area a far more pleasant environment to work in. Hot exhaust air is returned to the water circuit to supply energy, reducing the machine’s power consumption by up to 13% and achieving substantial energy and cost savings.

    Punkt2 AirConcept M-iQ
    Heat recovery to enhance air qualitiy and energy efficiency

    Heat recovery to enhance air qualitiy and energy efficiency